Selling A Home In Houston

Whenever the thought of selling a home in Houston comes to mind, you associate it with a lot of stress and paperwork. Usually, one has to wait for weeks or months before they find the right price for their home. Also, you need to do all the repairs to make your house presentable before putting it on sale. But we have made selling a home in Houston much easier for you.
You don’t need to be a part of the hassle of doing house repairs or undergoing the stress of public showings and getting rejected. We are ready to buy your house in whatever condition it is in, keeping you free of the tiresome work of renovations and repeated house-showing exercises. All you need to do is just call us and get an offer from us, even though you can do this virtually. What else can you ask for? You must be curious to know more about us, the Move On House Buyers. Let’s get familiar with ourselves and our way of working in this article.
Selling A Home In Houston Fast

Selling a Home in Houston Fast

There are many reasons for selling your home. It may have become outdated and unsellable unless you invest in its renovations and just get rid of such a house. In other cases, you need to move out of a house due to poor location, bad tenants, or job relocation.
Whatever the reason, Move On House Buyers bring much ease to all those selling a home in Houston.
If you go through the traditional process of selling a home in Houston retail market, you need to deduct all the amounts spent on agent commissions, title fees, and house repairs from the actual amount you get for your house.
Contrary to all this, we give you a move-on cash offer that is comparable to the market price. The amount goes right into your pocket instead of needing to spend here and there without getting into any headaches of public showings, 3-6 months of a house repair contract, etc.
selling a home in Houston retail market
Hence, all those who are looking forward to selling a home in Houston should take a pause and see how dealing with us can save them from getting into unnecessary hassle.

Listing Your House With An Agent Costs You More Than Your Expectations

While listing your house with an agent, you waste a lot of time and money, and the stress also adds up. This is so because:

Selling a home in Houston may take many months

Your home may take several months to sit on the market. The extra time that your house takes before the sale costs you more.

Repeated public showings interrupt your life

The repetitive exercise of preparing your house for public showings not only interrupts your life routine but also wastes your time. Sometimes it’s frustrating to get no results despite showing your house to several buyers.

Too long closure, even after accepting a buyer’s offer

Even when you accept any buyer’s offer, it may still take anywhere between 30 and 60 days to close.

You need to pay 1-2% of closing costs

On average, while selling a home in Houston, a seller needs to pay up to 2% of the sale price in the form of closing costs.

Agent fees and commissions stack up

Not only closing costs, but agent fees and commissions stack up and reduce the profit you earn from selling a home in Houston.

Pre-sale house repairs and renovations drain you

Depending on how old or used your house is, or sometimes to meet a buyer’s demand, you may need to do expensive house repairs.

Perks of Selling Your Home in Houston

On the other hand, when you sell a house to Move On House Buyers, you get peace of mind because of:

You get competitive cash prices within 24 hours

When you are selling a home in Houston to us, no more waiting for months. We give you a fair, no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours, and you are free to accept or reject our offer.

No more public showings, no hassle

As we buy your house in Houston as it is, you don’t need to get into the hassle of renovating and repairing it. We take the burden of house repair off your shoulders by doing the entire process later on our way.

You decide your closing date

We put the reins of every decision in your hands because it’s “you” and not “us” who matter. Once you accept our cash offer, we can close not in months but within days. Again, you pick a closing date for selling your home in Houston, and we go accordingly.

We, not “you,” pay the closing costs

We cover closing costs for you that can add up otherwise. It may surprise you, but we work with absolutely zero hidden fees or extra costs.

You are free from agent commissions and fees

We keep our word; there are no agent fees or commissions involved. All the sales price of your house goes into your pocket.

We take care of your house repairs ourselves

We buy your house in the condition it is without needing you to spend any extra money on its repair. While selling a home in Houston, you don’t need to deal with contractors for another 3–6 months of house repairs. We handle everything ourselves later on.

What are you waiting for? – Selling a Home in Houston

If you are selling a home in Houston, we buy houses in their existing condition without extra repairs or renovations, with no fees or commissions, and a 100% cash offer. There is no need to hire a contractor to renovate your home to make it presentable. We want to keep you away from all this hassle and are ready to buy your house within 24 hours with a competitive cash offer. Even if you are not located in Houston, Texas, no issue; Move On House Buyers can buy from you virtually. Get more cash in your pocket by selling a home in Houston in as little as one day without going through any public showings, repairs, or cleaning.