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A Step by Step Guide To Sell an Inherited House Fast

Selling an inherited home can be a daunting task, here are the key factors that usually help our sellers make a decision.

The following steps will guide you and provide resources to help you in your journey to selling your inherited home fast, whether both parents have passed or you are helping an elderly loved one transition this guide will be useful, feel free to call with questions.

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Factor 1: Decide whether to sell the property as-is or make repairs/updates.

Selling an inherited property can be a challenging decision for an heir, especially when trying to determine the best course of action to maximize the return on investment. While some heirs may opt to make updates and repairs to the property before listing it for sale, others may choose to sell it “As Is” without making any changes.

This decision often comes down to balancing the time, convenience, and financial return of each option.

One of the main reasons that an heir might choose to sell the property As Is is to save time. Updating and repairing an inherited property can be a time-consuming and complex process.

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This can take months or even years to complete, especially if the property is in need of extensive renovations. An heir who values time and convenience over money may prefer to sell the property quickly and move on with their life, rather than spend a significant amount of time and effort fixing it up.

Another reason that an heir might choose to sell the property As Is is to avoid the financial burden of making repairs and updates. Updating and repairing an inherited property can be expensive, especially if the property requires extensive renovations. An heir who is not familiar with the real estate market or construction may find that they are unable to make a sufficient return on their investment, even after investing time and money into making repairs and updates.

Selling an inherited property As Is can also simplify the selling process for an heir. When selling a property As Is, the heir does not have to worry about obtaining permits, finding contractors, or dealing with any other complications that may arise during the renovation process. By selling the property As Is, the heir can avoid the stress and hassle of making updates and repairs, and can focus on the process of selling the property and moving on with their life.

Finally, selling an inherited property As Is to a cash buyer like Move On House Buyers can provide an heir with a quicker and more convenient sale. Cash buyers typically have a streamlined process for buying and closing on properties, which means that the sale can take place much faster than if the property were sold through a traditional real estate listing. This can be particularly beneficial for an heir who needs to sell the property quickly and move on with their life.

In conclusion, an heir might choose to sell an inherited property As Is if they value time and convenience over money. By selling the property As Is, an heir can avoid the time and financial burden of making updates and repairs, simplify the selling process, and receive a quicker and more convenient sale.

Factor 2: Decide if you want to sell quickly and hassle free or slowly for a higher price.

If you’re an heir who has recently inherited a home, you may be faced with the difficult decision of whether to sell the property fast for a cash offer or invest in it for maximum sales price. Both options have their pros and cons, and the right choice for you will depend on your individual circumstances.

Here are the key factors you should consider when making this decision:

Timeframe: If you need to sell the property quickly, a cash offer from an investor may be the best option. This option is ideal for those who need to sell quickly and do not have the time or resources to make repairs or updates to the property.

Property condition: If the property is in good condition, you may be able to sell it for a higher price by making repairs or updates and listing it on the traditional real estate market. On the other hand, if the property is in poor condition, a cash offer from an investor may be more appealing as they are often willing to purchase properties in any condition.

Cost of repairs: Before investing in the property, it’s important to consider the cost of repairs and updates. This will impact the final sales price, and you should make sure that the cost of repairs is outweighed by the potential increase in sales price.

Emotional attachment: If you have an emotional connection to the property, investing in it to increase its value may be more appealing. On the other hand, if you want to sell the property as quickly and stress-free as possible, a cash offer from an investor may be the best option.

Financial situation: If you have the financial resources to invest in the property, making repairs and updates may result in a higher sales price. However, if you’re in a tight financial situation, a cash offer from an investor may be a more attractive option.

Legal considerations: When selling an inherited property, there are often legal considerations such as estate taxes, capital gains taxes, and probate. It’s essential to understand how these taxes will impact you financially and to factor this into your decision-making process. We usually are able to buy houses As Is without a completed probate as long as all of the heirs are in alignment through a process known as an Affidavit of Heirship process.

In conclusion, selling an inherited home fast for a cash offer to an investor versus investing in it for maximum sales price is a complex decision that requires careful consideration. By considering the key factors outlined above, you can make an informed decision that’s right for you and your individual circumstances. If you’re looking to sell your inherited home fast, reaching out to a reputable cash buyer like Move On House Buyers may be a good first step. We offer hassle free, fast and convenient service and can buy your inherited home fast and easily. Contact us today to learn more about their cash sale process and to start the journey of selling your inherited home.

A loved one has passed and now you are faced with the decision and task to sell your inherited property. Understandably this could be a very emotionally and stress charged task to deal with for anybody. Managing not only the loss but expectation on how to properly and justly manage the estate sale of your inherited property.

Understanding what happens when you inherit a house, as well as addressing the tough financial and emotional decisions on what to do with the house, can be intimidating.

Here we explain to you some options that you may or may not be aware of when on the specific topic of how to sell an inherited property in , .

There are many factors to consider… Some popular questions are:


Understandably this could be a very emotionally and stress charged task to deal with for anybody. Managing not only the loss but expectation on how to properly and justly manage the estate sale of your inherited property our advice is to take it step by step.

1st Step: Property Title

In order for a sale of the property to occur a clear title will need to be achieved that is insurable by a Title Company. In the case of a deceased party the first possible step is to perform and understand a title preliminary research with a reputable title company, this step can also be done free of charge as part of a purchase and sales agreement between a buyer and seller during the escrow process. Based on the preliminary title research results all of the details of title that need to be addressed for it to be considered clear will arise and working together with the title company and attorney clear title could potentially be achieved.

2nd Step: Managing The Estate

No what about the status of the Estate… What if there was no will? Even if there is a Will, does it have to be probated? What are our options with an unsettled Estate?

Affidavit of Heirship

An “Affidavit of Heirship” is witnessed declaration by heirs attesting to the possible heirs of the deceased property owner. As long as all the parties and siblings are aligned on the sale of the house and cooperate with the itle company and buyer in pushing forward the Affidavit of Heirship hindering the potential sale of the home it is very cost effective approach to selling the property even if there was no probated will completed.

It is definitely an option as long as all the heirs and siblings that could claim rights to the estate are aligned and cooperate to move the sale forward.

Executrix with a probated Will Appointed by the Court

At this stage of the estate, the property under the estate has the Executrix appointed by either the court or a probated will and should be able to manage the sale of the property very much like a traditional sale. It is not mandatory in most cases to complete the probate process to sell residential real estate process as mentioned earlier by the “Affidavit of Heirship” approach and this route is usually less cost-effective and lengthier but if there are any discrepancies amongst the heirs and siblings it may be the only option available. We highly recommend seeking services of professionals that manage this type of cases in a daily basis since it is a focus area that deserves the utmost highest regard of competency and quality of service in such a situation like an inherited home in Houston, TX.

3rd Step: Consider All Factors

When you inherit a house, you need to consider these three things:

What is the condition of the property?

The condition of an inherited property often impacts what people decide to do with it. If the property hasn’t been maintained, it could need expensive and time-consuming repairs. Coordinating a renovation is a big task and should be carefully considered before deciding whether to keep the house or sell it.

Additionally, the new owners are now responsible for paying taxes, insuring the property, and maintaining it on an ongoing basis. For some, these responsibilities are too much, it may be easier to sell the home as-is. For others, it may make sense to fix up the house and keep it.

Selling the house

As difficult as it may be, sometimes the best option is to sell the house. This can provide cash immediately and remove legal and financial responsibility related to owning the house.

While you may be able to sell the house for a profit, you need to take into account the costs associated with the sale of the property, which can include:

If you are considering selling your inherited home, let us help you make an informed decision. We deal with inherited property cases on a daily basis and would love the opportunity to point you in the right direction.

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Selling an inherited house can be a super difficult situation with the added emotion of being left behind and managing a family member loss.

If you need to sell the property fast, selling it As Is without having to invest in repairs or updates may be an easier option but usually it will require a home buyer that specializes in this scenario and can pay cash like Move On House Buyers.

Fortunately, we have multiple case studies and successful experience helping family and friends of loved ones transition out of this difficult stage. there are cash buyers who specialize in buying inherited homes as-is and offer a cash purchase and at Move On House Buyers, you can find a reliable cash buyer for your inherited house quickly and easily.

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Sell your inherited house fast and make sure that your loved one’s legacy is treated with respect, give us a call and get started so you and your loved ones can move on.

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