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Our Formula…





It is the resale value based on updated finishes and repaired condition a retail buyer planning to live in the property would be happy to pay and approved via traditional bank financing methods.

Is it the Property Tax Value? No…

  • Property Tax values are inaccurate due to the simple fact that Tax Appraisers are assessing to allocate Tax dollars, they do not do internal inspections or keep up with current buyer market trends and finishes required for a property to be sold in the current market. Tax appraisal districts only base it on outside occasional drive by, square footage and reported building materials when initially constructed… if reported.

Is it the Zestimate Value? No…

“We call it a Zestimate and not a zeppraisal and not a zeprice. It’s meant to be a starting point,” Rascoff said. CEO of Zillow

  • The fact is that Zillow or any other online data source is an Algorithm that its own creators do not even trust. Online information databases are computerized. We have seen under, over and about average estimates. If these online portals do not trust their own estimates… why should you?!

Is it what my neighbor sold it for? Maybe…. Some Considerations may be…

  • When was the last time your neighbor updated Kitchen and Baths?… Furthermore, was it a specific taste of colors textures and finishes or not? How does it compare to yours!
  • Was your neighbor’s house updated with new HVAC system, Windows, Doors, Paint and Light Fixtures?
  • Are there any foundation issues? Any structural issues?
  • Is plumbing material outdated such as galvanized steel piping or electrical components built with aluminum wiring? How about the house you intend to sell?
  • Does your neighbor’s house back into a bayou, school, commercial property or busy street?
  • Any previous flooding? Any previous fires?
  • Similar Size, Beds, Baths and Layout?

These are just some of the considerations that have to be made when comparing your house with Sally and John’s down the street… The fact is and we know because we resell and rent the properties we purchase the market is just what a willing and able buyer is able to pay for in its current condition without hassles. We have both lost and made money buying and selling houses and it is much more of an art than a science! Often times “Too good to be True” offers fall through because they just do not make sense. Either the Financing or the Buyer is not experienced enough to actually get the closing completed at the closing table. BEWARE


We have to pay you for your house, right? How about own it and sell it? Correct.

BUY = Purchase Price + Transactional Costs

  • Purchase Price… very straightforward, right?! This is what we are willing to risk for the opportunity to purchase your property in AS IS condition and provide you an easy service for a cash sale and hopefully make it worthwhile at the end.
  • Transactional Costs … this typically includes title insurance policy, escrow fee, attorney fees, recording fees, HOA fees, capital fees, survey fees, appraisal fees, notary fees etc…. You can get an idea of fees by looking at a HUD Settlement Statement

HUD Example Cheena Dr_Purchase

OWN = Property Taxes + Hazard, Vacant and Flood Insurance + Capital + Water + Power + Gas + HOA+ Alarm+ Yard Maintenance+ Cleaning Fees until SOLD!

SALES COSTS = Real Estate Agent Fees (6% of After Repair Resale Value) + Market Negotiation Allowance (Retail Buyers want a “deal”!)  + Home Warranty Concessions + Title Insurance + Escrow Fee



Updates DO NOT EQUAL Repairs

REPAIRS are about assuring the property is clean and functional WITHOUT equipment, construction or structural issues.

Retail buyers are usually the pickiest buyers… (think about your first house purchase, scary?) they are stretching themselves to purchase a home and want to be assured of no major capital expenditures for at least the next 15 – 20+ years. Do you remember when was the last time you moved in to your last new home or rental property? Did you want to worry about replacing the HVAC system soon? Or how about those worn out shingles that might leak any storm now?… Any thoughts around the windows that need replacement glass panes or just do not open/close properly? We will buy your home AS IS so you do not have to repair it and neither does the upcoming buyer! Repairs are about making the property up to code and functional for the next 15 years+.


UPDATES are the current buyer trends of popular demand

Pretty much what HGTV shows you might binge on in the weekends or in the evenings that drive popular opinion. No purple or green shaggy carpets Sally although they are fabulous to you and me! It seems that we can not keep up with trends! It maybe all about granite one year and marble the next. The reality of it is that UPDATES and FINISHES change every year. We have to hire interior designers to keep up with finishes and trends to make sure we are not the ugly duckling sitting on the market for months on end.



This is how we are able to stay in business and provide you a Fair Cash Offer!

Yes, we are a business and not a non-profit organization although we due contribute locally to select organizations and help support value increase in our community, which has a great domino effect.

Less vacant, distressed property or sales means higher revenues for our local schools and less bandits trespassing vacant structures. We find great joy serving our communities. We will not low ball or attempt to take advantage of you, regardless of your situation. At the end of the day without your referrals we would not be able to stay in business!

How Does This Make Sense…

Peace of Mind, Easy Cash Sale, No Need For Repairs

In all probability, you are going to leave somewhere between 8% to 15% on the table to sell your house to Move On House Buyers for cash.  This is the Trade-Off for selling your house to Move On House Buyers. 

We first figure out what is the AFTER REPAIR RESALE VALUE of the house….

  • For this example let’s assume that we have a property in which After Repair Resale Value is $100,000. This is our initial point.

We determine the REPAIRS & UPDATES required for the property to reach the $100,000.

  • Cost of Rehab. For this example, let’s assume it is $30,000. Our subcontractors get in and out and we attempt (does not always work) to save a lot of money just in the efficiency of time. If you were to attemt and hire a general contractor to manage the project for you as a retail client you may end up paying 10% to 15% more in a rehab to hire a retail contractor for the same work assuming the general contractor is reputable and does not run away with your money and keeps the project managed in a tight schedule with permits and licensed professional subcontractors.

We calculate what are the BUY, OWN and SALES costs of the property.

  • We do have transactional costs and fees. When we make you an offer we also pay all normal closing costs (We break it down below). So, on average we spend 15%. $15,000 for this example.

When we make you an offer we consider every single piece so you get a fair cash offer and especially we DON’T make LOW BALL OFFERS!

With these simple steps, we are able to make you a FAIR cash offer that will CLOSE.

Closing… That is the Goal Right?!

We Buy Houses, not Make Offers with Empty Promises.

You get the most you can get out of your property without making any repairs or updates.

The Move On Make Sense Offer Worksheet

Let me explain.  In order to get that extra 8% to 15% extra cash in your pocket, here is what you would have to do:


For the Repairs

Real Estate Agent

For the Marketing

The Closing

Your house is SOLD!

30 to 60 Days 90 Days 5 to 7 months from today
  • If the Contractor works out and stays within your budget and time frame.
  • In a good market, you can expect to sell a house with a Realtor in 90 days.
  • Expect 3% for negotiation plus 9.5% for commissions and closing costs/concessions from the inspection.
  • Holding Costs:  To hold a house for 6 months will cost about ½% per month of the total value of the house.
  • Assumes the buyer’s financing will not fall apart.


How much will it cost you to sell you house on your own?

Fair Market Value of Your House Estimated Repairs using your Contractor Haggle Factor (Usually 3%) Realtor Commissions and Closing Costs (6%) + Closing Cost/Repair Concessions (3.5%) Holding Costs – Usually ½% of the total value of the house.

(5 to 7 Months)

Your Estimated Profit
$100,000 $30,000 $3,000 $9,500 $3,500 = $54,000
Move On
CASH Offer:
$41,670 The Trade Off: $12,330 / 12.3%

  (Owner Net –  MOHB Offer / FMV = %)


Our offers are based on the Retail Value of your home. This allows us to often offer more than what the house is currently worth. The entire process is free to you and there is absolutely no obligation to accept.

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