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Wholesalers we will either buy your deal or market it to our 2Million + Vetted Cash Buyers Nationwide
  • If you provide a Google Voice number that is not answered we will simply not follow up and blacklist.
    If not, please do not submit, we can only help wholesalers that are direct to sellers and are able to provide executed contract with owner of record.
  • We are not interested in providing buying criteria or "buyer list builders" only contact us with a contract in hand ready to sell.
  • Please provide an accessible link to pictures of property in current condition. GDrive, Dropbox will work but make sure it is share publicly for easy access. We will not review files without pictures of all inside rooms and outside area.
  • If you have a video walkthrough of the property please provide a link.
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    Please provide the closing date proposed on your contract, we will not review submittals that closing date is with 15 days typically.
  • We will underwrite with the provided information.
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