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What Happens When a Home Is Left Vacant?

Vacant Home

There are several reasons why homes are sometimes left unoccupied. You may have inherited a house in another city or town. Or you could have accepted a job offer in another city and need to relocate immediately. If you own a rental property, it is impossible to keep the house occupied all the time. However, there are some dangers in letting the stay house vacant. Here are some of the possible issues associated with empty homes.

1. Keeping the House Clean Is a Huge Task

People often assume that an empty home is naturally clean because the house is unoccupied and closed. But the opposite happens. Uninhabited homes get dirty and attract bugs, spiders, and other insects. Cobwebs will form, and objects will gather dust over time. Closed homes also have a strong, musty odor because of moisture and mold.

An unattended garden is prone to insect infestations caused by fleas, ants, carpenter ants, and termites. Overgrown plants and dead leaves attract raccoons and other pests, and nature will eventually reclaim the property.

2. Home Insurance Can Be a Huge Problem

Standard home insurance policies do not cover unoccupied homes. At the most, they’ll cover you for 30 to 60 consecutive days. Plus, the insurance company can sue you for claiming insurance on an unoccupied home. You will need specialist home insurance to cover a vacant house which will include a higher premium. The insurance company may add a few precautionary clauses such as installing extra cameras for security, hiring a house-sitter, and more to prevent vandalism and theft.

3. Loss of Revenue and Added Expenses

If it is a rented property, an empty house means a loss of additional income. Even if the house is vacant, you’ll still have to pay for utilities, pay for someone to check appliances, and pay taxes. Disconnecting and reconnecting utilities can be a massive headache. The process can be expensive and time-consuming.

4. Theft and Vandalism

While you may take precautions to protect valuable assets, thieves may break in to steal aluminum pipes, AC components, appliances, and other objects. Vandals may break windows, draw graffiti, and create arbitrary damage. And if squatters occupy the house, evicting them can be a lengthy legal process.

5. Leaks and Other Issues

Broken pipes and other problems could cause potential water damage. Fire damage caused by appliances malfunctioning is also a real threat. Even minor issues can cause significant damage if no one is there to catch the problem early. You can avoid all of these problems by selling the house. Selling a vacant property can be difficult in a conventional market. Rather than waste time and money, you can sell your house fast in Houston to us! We buy homes as-is, irrespective of their condition and location. As leading cash home buyers in Houston, we have purchased hundreds of homes quickly and effectively.

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