207. We Buy Houses in Liberty Texas

We buy houses in Liberty TX

Hi, my name is Johell Aponte with Move On House Buyers and we buy houses as-is in Liberty Texas. And today I am walking through a property that we are in the final stages known as the punch list stage for rehabbing the property and getting it ready for the market. So this is a property that we’ve decided to buy and rent. And if you are looking for a cash offer or debating whether a cash offer is for you, I just wanted to walk you through our internal process of how we buy houses, how we go about determining to rehab them, manage that process and then eventually go to the market a couple of months later. So the first thing I wanted to speak to you about if you are looking to sell your house in Liberty, Texas is about the first step, which is completing an inspection report.

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Now if you are debating whether a cash offer or fixing it and renting it or, or selling it is for you, my first point or my first tip would be to get an inspection report from a licensed inspector. Now, if it’s a good inspector, it should look really sturdy. This is one that we got. There’s probably around 40 30, 37 pages, almost 40 pages of you know, sections in here. So you’ll look at, they’ll talk about a phone, they should, they’ll talk about attic crawl scrawl space. They’ll talk about AC and what’s going on, their hot water heater electrical, plumbing, all of those. And then, so at the end of the day, you’ll have a list of, Hey, hell, so we’re destroying insects. What’s going on there? So that’s what’s going to help you determine what the actual scope is. If you’re looking to sell your house in Liberty, Texas after you have that inspection report, you’re going to get with contractor, hopefully get three to four bids from license and bedded general contractors to determine what a true rehab scope would be to fix not only those inspection report issues but also the cosmetic ones.

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Now I have to add that you have to get knowledge around what actually sells and what makes sense. So you might reach out to a local real estate agent to help you determine what are the finishes for a neighborhood you don’t want to over-improve and you don’t want to under improve. In this case, this is a rental. So we bought very sturdy materials like flooring like this. It looks like wood I guess on the picture, on video, but it’s really vinyl and it’s very easy to remove and replace as tenants move in and out. So you definitely want to understand not only what the updates are going to be cosmetically, but what the repairs are for functionally for the, for the property. So again, if you’re looking to sell your house in Liberty Texas, we do buy houses in Liberty, Texas.

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The second step after you’ve interviewed your contractors, hopefully, you get a finalized a scope of work. So this is a documented line by line item, scope of work of what we’re looking to do. You can see that our initial estimate here is 40,000. We ended up spending probably more like 45 or 48 on the three Hab. For a house that’s only about 1300 square feet. So you have to really know before way your options around a cash offer or listing it or fixing it and listing it. You don’t want to be on the false assumption that you’re only going to spend $10,000 or $15,000, because the reality of it is, is that construction does cost. So I hope that you find this message useful. If you are debating whether getting a cash offer or listing is for you, we’d be more than happy to help you with that decision. Visit our website, moveonhousebuyers.com. Fill in a very short information sheet around your contact information and property information. And our property specialists will reach out to you if you’re interested in selling your house in Liberty, Texas, as is for a cash offer and in Houston as well. We buy all over the counties around Houston. So thank you so much for visiting happen. Have a great rest of your day.

Final stage of a rehab process - We Buy Houses Fast in Liberty Texas
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