307. The Hidden Costs Of Selling Your Home In Tomball TX

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We Buy Houses In Tomball Texas. Are you aware of how much it costs to sell a home in the Houston market? These numbers can vary depending on a wide range of factors. Do you plan on utilizing a real estate agent? Do you need costly repairs to make your home sellable? Before you sign an agreement to list your Houston home on the market, be aware of all the costs that can pile up!

The Hidden Costs Of Selling Your Home In Tomball TX

Working with a realtor can also demand lots of time as well as money, with lots of exhausting commitments, activities, and costs associated. There are some great ways to sell your home without any costs in the Houston area, and we can help you compare the costs of working with an agent and selling your house without a realtor. You can even sell to investors or explore the idea of working with our team at Move On House Buyers to determine which is the best approach for you.

The Costs Of Hiring An Agent  In Tomball

Commissions In Texas Property

It can be a great feeling to have a real estate agent in your corner throughout the process and negotiations, but commission costs can be quite steep when a sale is eventually made. On average, a commission can be around 6% of a final selling price. Selling your home for $200,000 could mean paying out $12,000 before taking into consideration the other costs and fees associated with selling a home in Houston.
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Closing Costs In Tomball TX

On top of that 6% commission fee, you can expect to pay an additional 2% of the final sales price on closing costs. This covers transfer taxes, recording fees, and other miscellaneous costs associated with finding a Houston house buyer to purchase your property. That’s another $4,000 to go with the $12,000 commission fee for your agent. All these costs suddenly start to eat into your profit margin. Working with a cash property buyer in Houston likes Move On House Buyers can save you money, and we are happy to cover closing costs and other fees that home sellers normally have to deal with.

Costly Repairs In Tomball House

sell your home in Tomball TXIf your house is looking great and ready to sell, you won’t have to worry about this. The reality is that most people looking to sell their homes quickly must first address some issues like leaky roofs that need to be replaced, energy-inefficient windows, cracks in the foundation, or a litany of other problems.

Homebuyers in Houston Texas will try to take advantage after inspections, offering less due to ongoing problems with the house. Repairs can add up and snowball into major expenses, not to mention it takes time to hire the right people to fix up your property. Investors or other home buying organizations like Move On House Buyers are normally happy to buy your property as-is, and pay cash for houses in Houston no matter how ugly or in need of repairs it is.

Time Is Money In Texas

Don’t forget that the longer it takes to sell your home, the more money you end up spending on holding costs. It isn’t cheap to own a house in Houston, especially one that is older or not energy efficient. Homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, maintenance costs, and utilities add up quickly, keeping you on the hook for pricy payments each month your property remains without a buyer. If you are thinking “I want to sell my home fast in Houston”, a cash home buyer like Move On House Buyers can help you close out a deal in a matter of days!

Marketing Expenses In TX

sell my property in Tomball TXAnother one of the many costs associated with selling your property is the price of advertising. It is unwise to assume your real estate agent will cover the costs of premium listings, photographers, open houses, and professional-looking signage in the front yard. It all depends on the individual agent of course as everyone has their own techniques and methods, but you can expect to pay even more money for advertising on top of all the fees mentioned above.

Sell My House In Houston TX

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The best alternative to hiring an agent is to sell your house in TX directly to us: it won’t cost you a dime! We can’t speak for all house buyers, you can expect no hidden fees when working with Houston home buyers, just check our testimonials out here!

Without marketing costs, agent fees, commissions, or needs to repair, you can bet that selling to a cash house buyer in Houston will save you money on the final closing price. It is important to know just how much everything will cost you when selling, so you won’t be blindsided by costs that most people are unaware of.

sell your property in Tomball TXThat listing agreement or real estate agent isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so do yourself a favor and give us a call for peace of mind before you try other options, Our direct sale solutions can get you out of your home quicker and more cheaply than working with a real estate agent, and you won’t know how much you’ll save until you have a chat with our incredible team members today!

If you are hoping to sell your house in Houston without hidden fees, taxes, or costs, reach out to our team today by calling (713) 561-5162 or messaging us!

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