207. We Buy Houses in Liberty Texas

Hi, my name is Johell Aponte with Move On House Buyers and we buy houses as-is in Liberty Texas. And today I am walking through a property that we are in the final stages known as the punch list stage for rehabbing the property and getting it ready for the market. So this is a … Continued

Sell your house in Katy Texas

23. Who are the cash house buyers in Katy Texas?

“We buy houses in Katy Texas“ and “Cash for Houses in Texas” are the signs you’ve seen all around town when you’re driving around, even in other cities across Texas. So, who are these cash house buyers in Katy TX? Are they legit? How does it work? Who should I trust? We are the local … Continued

Sell your house in Freeport TX

20. We Buy Houses in Freeport TX Companies – Are They Credible?

“We Buy Houses in Freeport Texas!” or “Cash for Houses in Texas” is oftentimes what you will see on some billboards of advertising companies that buy homes if you’ve been driving around in Freeport. A company like us, Move On House Buyers, is a team of local cash homebuyers in Freeport TX. We purchase properties … Continued