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A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Maintenance in Eastern Texas

A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Maintenance in Eastern Texas

Property values increase drastically when a home is cared for and maintained. To make your house a great place to live and someday be a great property to sell, it is essential to do monthly, biannual, and annual maintenance.

Eastern Texan cities like Houston, Galveston, and Kingwood enjoy a subtropical climate. The area is humid, which affects the exteriors. Eastern Texas is also subjected to tornados and tropical cyclones from the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. These factors contribute to the importance of home maintenance. Here is a home maintenance guide that will help you sell a house fast in Texas when you want to list it in the market. 

Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can be costly and time-consuming. Damaged downspouts can cause waterlogging, affecting the foundation. Periodically check the sump pump, gutters, downspouts, and drains to keep on top of any water-related issues.

Check for Mold Growth

In humid places, the high moisture content can cause mold. It is vital to check the moisture level to keep mold away and be vigilant about areas of the home that may be prone to growth. It can be detrimental to the health of your and your family.

Clean Air

Vacuum the floors, carpets, and upholstery regularly to clean the air. Clean the exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen to prevent mold growth and dust accumulation. You can also hire professional cleaning services and use air purifiers.

Service the HVAC System

It is essential to service the HVAC system at least two to four times per year. Changing the filters and removing the impurities is critical, as these could cause respiratory problems.


You can apply a fresh coat of paint annually to maintain the curb appeal. You can also check the roofing and power wash the driveway, especially after rain. Trim the trees and hedges to enhance the overall look. Plus, maintain your garden and mow the lawn. 

Pest Control

It is essential to check the house for pests. Insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and moths can be problematic in various ways. Rodents can cause damage to the walls and the floors, and termite infestations can damage the wooden flooring, furniture, and doors. To avoid the issues, periodically clean garbage disposal bins, which is a breeding ground for many insects. If you suspect a problem with pests, contact professional pest control services.

Clean Dryer Vents

Dryer vents can get clogged with lint, leading to a fire. It is beneficial to clean them regularly.

Service Appliances and Electrical Wiring

Annually servicing appliances is an essential maintenance task. With refrigerators, it is necessary to change the coils. Also, check all the electrical wiring, circuits, outlets, and power sources.

Taking care of all these aspects can increase your house’s lifespan and value. However, if you haven’t maintained your house but need to sell it fast, you can contact cash home buyers in Texas. They buy houses as-is.

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